FADcam head mount test Gopro

Well i could not NOT try the head strap during a shoot the other day. I don’t know but i cracks me up everytime i see it. But to be a little serious…

The mount works ok. I haven’t tried to grade it and as you can see it doesn’t really handle colours or contrasts that good. The focus doesn’t really work either. So its more like a small fun thing to have and no pro-equipment.

But it’s fun to play around with and I’m trying to figure out how it could be used in pro shoots. Maybee that’s an impossible task. But who knows.

I do know my girls will have fun with it in the slopes. Especially the head/helmet mount.

FADcam go pro test

Aalbæk Jensen never fails to deliver…

I just remembered a Masterclass I attended with Peter Aalbæk Jensen during the Stockholm International Filmfestival. As expected he was a good speaker and storyteller.

Some things i checked afterwards with people who had worked with him on his projects and if I am nice i would say that he added some Moms, as we say in sweden. That is he added some VAT extra percentage to flavour his storys a little. But that’s fine, if you know it.

But there is one quote that I will never forget. He gave his one-liner to Breaking the Waves:

“Breaking the Waves is a film about a girl that fucks her way to heaven”

Its a perfect school example of how to create an unforgettable but yet explainable oneliner. If I where a producer and someone would elevator pitch this to me Id certainly would give that producer or director a meeting.