1st AD

I’ve done extensive work as a 1st AD within the Swedish film industry. The projects you might best know of is “Män som hatar kvinnor” (The girl with the dragon tattoo) and “Äkta Människor” (Real Humans).

I also participated in the advanced workshop Production Value 2015 for 1st ADs and Line Producers.

I highly value transparency and asking the questions that need to be asked to the right people to get the job done. My work as a 1st is to service the director with as much time and resources as possible within the framework given by the production.

I am highly flexible and service minded and I can also aid the director with good story based solutions so that the team can make the best film to the directors and producers wishes. Its a fine line but story is key.

References on request.

Short CV

Selected television series 

Jordskott – SVT (only as a fill-in, 2 days) – Director Anders Engström

Äkta Människor, Real Humans – SVT – Directors Christian Eklöw & Christopher Panov

Selected features

Tragedi på en lantkyrkogård – Pampas Production and TV4 – Directors Christian Eklöw & Christopher Panov

Män som hatar kvinnor (The girl with the dragon tatoo) – Yellow Bird – Director Nils Arden Oplev.

JInternational Transmedia project

Conspiracy For Good – The Company P – Creator Tim Kring

Selected commercials

Production companies: Filmic Art, Acne production, Bond street film, Chimney, TV4…

Clients: Vera & John, Skoda, SEB, OLW….

And then som…

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