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Chillafilm, Daniel Chilla, does a lot of things and good ideas are always worth discussing. So contact me and we can work something out.

All on this site is business except the blogg, which is a mix. The blog is a collection of different angles of myself. Its the Vocational teacher talking about school and school politics, its the bread-loving sour-dough home-baking guy giving and asking for tips, its the amateur chef and his amateur cooking, beer and wine thoughts, it’s the director showing his reel, its the 1st AD on his work and its the all around, kinda confusing writing of Daniel Chilla.

Twitter: dchilla

Follow me if you want. I tweet in Swedish and English. It might seam random but there is a thought behind this.

Instagram: mrchilla

Yep, Daniel Chilla, on instagram….


Well you’re here so comment where you can, read if you want or follow the white rabbit…


If you want to use email to contact me here it is:

info AT chillafilm DOTT se


Call me or send me an SMS if I don’t answer here we go

+ 46 (ZERO) 70 644 44  SEVEN NINE

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