Lectures & Workshops

Chillafilm is often hired as a lecturer within film and transmedia. Here are some examples.

Introduction to Film

A one day course for beginners. From theory to final film in 8 hours. We start with the basics of film, then the participants make a small film, we edit this and then we review the films. The participants then get to bring their films home and publish as they want.

Key features

  • The film production process: from idea to film
  • What can you do without the “Big Bucks”?
  • Basic tips and tricks that will lift your ideas
  • Methods and structure for production
  • If you want to go further….

Intended clients

Small companies or divisions in larger companies or NGO’s

Transmedia producing

4 hour workshop on taking an proffesional angle on producing transmedia projects. Transmedia projects are often confusing. What do you deliver? When do you deliver? How do you deliver? What can change? What can the particapants change? and so on. All this and more puts an enormoues strain on staff and budget. How do you control this?

Key features

  • Sorting confusing visions
  • Clearing the deliveries
  • Structure in the budget
  • Structure in the timeline
  • Making your team flexible and stable
  •  …and not hurting the participants experience

 Intended clients

Producers, directors and game designers to be.


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